Noise cancelling headset with mic


The challenges of contemporary communication inspired us to create the Prime series - the latest headsets from Axtel Headsets

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Professional single-ear headsets with advanced IP electronics.

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For the users who get easily distracted by noise, Axtel designed the PRO headset with enlarged speakers. Specially designed, large earplates isolate distractive environment noises.

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PRO XL mono NC WB version is a comfortable headset with enlarged ear pads that cover your ears completely. Solid design makes the headset stay on your head comfortably for hours.

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The robust and damage-resistant PRO headsets are designed for busy call centers. Two speakers and wideband sound allow you to listen carefully to the caller.

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PRO mono NC WB

The PRO mono NC WB set is an elegant and comfortable solution for one ear that supports smooth communication over the phone. The discreet style works well with any environment.

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A proper noise cancelling headset is practically an essential tool of every employee whose daily responsibility is to conduct ongoing phone calls.


Why is that so? As known to us all, work place such as a call centre, where office organisation is usually based on an open-space model, is ruled by its own rights. At the same time, numerous individuals are working in the very same room, generating noise to a lesser or greater extent, which may hinder phone calls. We offer you wired headphones with mic that will easily handle this problem.


Noise reduction headset

Our products ensure excellent user isolation from all outside noise. All that owing to improved DSP technology, modern acoustic protection and highly advanced noise reduction.

Each office headset available in our offer handles even very loud and large office spaces most excellently. When deciding to purchase our product, each of our clients has the guarantee that our professional equipment will satisfy even the most demanding individuals when it comes to ensuring the best soundproof qualities.


One-Ear or Double-Ear Sets

The decision whether you should go for a mono or stereo wired headset may be determined by several aspects that are worth taking into account when making your choice.

Most certainly, one of these aspects is the frequency of calls in a given office. Office headphones must have a sturdy structure, since even in customer service offices or call centres there is almost ongoing contact with customers via phone.

In this regard, the time of phone calls is just as important. If a person who uses business headphones is obliged to make longer, even an hour-long phone calls, double-ear headphones are the recommended choice. This is justified by health issues, since this type of corded headset ensures wok conditions for the organ of hearing that are closest to the natural ones.


Mini-jack and USB ports

Our business headsets are available in a version with a mini-jack and USB connection ports. The choice of one of these solutions depends on the type of port our source device is compatible with.

However, one should know the most important advantages and disadvantages of both these options. Headsets with mini-jack ports should be chosen in a situation where the top quality of sound is our priority. It is a configuration that assumes the device to which the headset will be plugged in has a proper audio interface.

In cases where a mini-jack port is not that available or completely unavailable, it is worth to go for a headset with a USB port. Additionally, they will be excellent if the central device, such as a PC or a laptop has insufficient sound card. Each office headset with USB we offer has its own audio interface that ensures high quality sound.


VoIP headsets

At present, VoIP telephony is chosen more and more often and effectively replaces traditional form implemented by a dedicated operator’s connection. Considering that computers and the Internet have been commonly available for a long time, VoIP-based telephony is an unquestionably more flexible solution both for large companies and individual users.

Each ip phone headset in our offer will work just perfectly with this technology that is characterised by many advantages:

It allows free phone calls to be made between users of the same operator’s network. Additionally, it allows internal numbers to be created for specific account users, thus providing the functionality of a telephone exchange.

It allows the existing local network and the Internet connection to be used as the infrastructure for VoIP.

It gives the possibility to settle amounts efficiently in both a pre-paid and a post-paid mode in the case of companies.

There is no need for concluding a contract with the operator. Most often, services of this type are rendered online owing to a dedicated software operating on the operator’s server.

It allows you to save money, since national and international connections will be cheaper owing to real-time billing on per-second basis.

It allows full control over bills – access to the customer’s panel from every place worldwide from any online browser.

A mobile and scaled system owing to highly effective adapting to changes in structures or location in the case of companies.