Mutual cooperation between Axtel Headsets and Yealink

Reliability and convenience of available devices have a critical impact on the productivity of employees in every contact center.

Together with Yealink, we strive to help our partners create a friendly work environment. One in which your staff can do their job with a smile. Knowing that our devices are fully compatible with each other, we can offer seamless implementation, a convenience of use and perfect audibility for both parties.

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Why Yealink?

Yealink is one of the most important players in the unified communications market and a respected provider of conference room equipment and IP phones dedicated to business clients. Yealink’s solutions are utilized by companies in all stages of growth – from local businesses to international corporations and global contact centers.

By choosing the combination of Axtel headsets and Yealink phones, you can be sure that the selected devices work together seamlessly, what will help you avoid any problems with compatibility and boost the productivity of your whole team.

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