The cooperation between Axtel Headsets and Gigaset

Even your top employees won’t reach their true potential if you don’t give them top-of-the-range and reliable equipment.

Together with Gigaset, we can provide our customers and partners with a combination of devices designed down to the finest detail. That way they can offer their employees perfect working conditions, what has a positive influence on the achieved results. And the full compatibility ensures quick implementation and problem-free operation from day one.

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Why Gigaset?

Gigaset Communications is the European leader in the cordless phones market, specializing in the DECT and CAT-iq technology. The company’s wealth of experience in combination with German precision guarantees a superior end-product that seamlessly integrates with the software and devices of many well-known brands.

By combining the professional headsets from the Axtel business line with Gigaset pro phones, you get a fully compatible and reliable set that will excel in any contact center, during even the most intense and demanding calls.

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Check the compatibility of Axtel Headsets with Gigaset

Discover which models of Axtel headsets are a spot-on choice for Gigaset devices.