Axtel Headsets and Fanvil working together

The ability to react to changes and continuous learning and improvement is what distinguishes every successful business venture.

The partnership with Fanvil is a teamwork with one of the youngest and at the same time most innovative and acclaimed companies in the market. Thanks to this cooperation, we have an even better understanding of the needs of customers who use the VoIP technology on a daily basis. And by offering a full compatibility with the devices of our partner, we can come across those who are constantly on the lookout for more advanced communication methods.

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Why Fanvil?

Fanvil is one of the youngest brands in the business communication industry. Thanks to its innovative products, which quite often outperform those by more experienced competitors, the company keeps expanding into new markets. As of now, its VoIP solutions are available in over 50 countries and utilized by international brands such as KFC or IBM.

By choosing Axtel headsets and Fanvil IP phones, you combine perfect audibility and comfort of use with innovative VoIP technology at its best. And thanks to the full compatibility, nothing will disturb you and your team.

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