Axtel Headsets and Cisco

No matter who’s on the other end, in business every call can be critical to your success.

Working with Cisco brings together the perfect sound quality of Axtel Headsets and advanced technology offered by top-class Series 88 and 78 IP telephones. It also means hassle-free implementation and comfort at work – for you and your employees.

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Why Cisco?

Cisco is one of the world’s largest network solutions providers. Its product portfolio includes devices that create networks and keep them secure, provide wireless connectivity and IoT solutions, as well as devices and software from Unified Communications.

Cisco’s products are aimed at companies at every stage of development – from micro-enterprises to multinational corporations. One of the pillars of the company’s success is its active presence on many local markets and its extensive partner network. That means companies that choose Cisco solutions are guaranteed great technical service during the entire lifetime of their relationship.

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