Cooperation of Axtel Headsets & Avaya within Avaya Devconnect

As a technological partner of Avaya and a member of the Avaya Devconnect Program, we test the compatibility of our headsets with the latest Avaya solutions on a regular basis.

This ensures that the implementation of the devices at your company goes without a hitch. What’s more, the perfect audibility will have a positive influence on communication and the level of work comfort of your employees, what will help increase the productivity of the whole team.

Check the confirmation of compatibility of our headsets with Avaya solution

Why Avaya?

Avaya is one of the most well-known providers of wireless and VoIP communication solutions, as well as of CRM software. Thanks to the high compatibility with third-party applications, Avaya’s devices are frequently chosen by the biggest contact centers. What’s more, during the development of its products, Avaya leaves the room for individual users to create personalized business applications.

Clients, who coupled Axtel headsets with the Avaya’s flexible device environment, saw increase in the effectiveness of their team and streamlined customer service. Avaya’s fabric-based networking solutions help simplify and accelerate the implementation of essential business applications and services.

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