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How to connect QD cord (Quick Disconnect)?

Frequently asked questions- FAQ

Do Axtel headsets work with my phone system?
Axtel headsets work with almost all phone systems. To choose the right set check compatibility of your devices with Axtel headsets in the Guide.

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What is the QD plug and what is its purpose?

QD is a universal plug of all universal Axtel headsets as well as each Axtel communication cable. It enables connecting one headset with various communication systems (landline phone, mobile phone and computer) which makes it really versatile.

Axtel QD Cable connectivity

Which headset version should I choose? Mono or duo?
The headset version choice may depend on both your working environment and individual preferences. The mono headset enables contact with your colleagues at work, while binaural version isolates you from the noises coming from open space rooms. However you should bear your work comfort in mind.
I was able to connect the headset to my phone, but I cannot hear any sound / the other person does not hear me.
Ensure that you have the proper cable for your phone model, using the Compatibility Guide or contacting us. Even if you have a properly matched solution, your phone may require additional set-up. Some phone models require the "headset" option turned on in settings. Besides, some phones have the microphone sensitivity change feature in addition to volume adjustment.
What does HD sound mean?
HD is the high quality sound that guarantees better audibility than in case of standard parameters. Significantly widened frequency response translates into clarity and audibility of the talkers and gives a natural conversation effect.

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