The leader in professional headsets industry

After years of constant development, Axtel brand gained popularity worldwide, giving indisputable evidence of its market position. Throughout the years, we gained trust of our customers, as we know it’s crucial for active Call Centres and international companies to choose the proper equipment and the vendor.

Axtel wireless solution in 2017

Axtel Headsets is proud to announce that soon will be presenting the most technologically advanced product in its portfolio. Caring about freedom and independence in communication, we are creating wireless solution of high functionality and full compatibility with every device.

Axtel getting global recognition

The year 2006 was a milestone considering development of Axtel Headsets. Back then we made a decision to go internationally and to grow our presence in Europe. Opening local offices in Bochum, Paris, Dubai and India put first steps towards our global reach. Since then Axtel Headsets products are available in over 100 countries worldwide.

First series of headsets

M2 Comfort, our very first model of professional headset came into market in 2004, giving its users the most desirable features – comfort, noise cancellation and light weight. The opinion about the product among biggest companies on the Polish market was above expectations.

Cooperation with the best

From the very beginning, the overarching objective of Axtel was to provide reliable products that increase the effectiveness of each user. That is why our first projects were initiated in cooperation with a French research center in order to achieve high reliability and quality parameters.

2004 – creating the brand of Axtel Headsets

Back in 2004, at the beginning of Axtel Headsets’ performance, our team started to design and produce professional solutions for Call Centers and office industry in order to actively support the market in daily communication.